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You might have heard that people are continuously searching for materials like videos, books, audios, and other material to improve their writing. Similarly, people nowadays are also looking for books or knowledge to help them sell their products. So, presenting the best book among all copywriting books named “Cashvertising” by “Drew Eric Whitman.”

What is Copywriting

Copywriting is the way of writing or advertising your words to engage your readers. You can excite them to your product or business by playing with their minds, and as a result, you can convert them to your customers.

Why Copywriting is Important

As we all know, the world is rapidly moving to the online system, and almost everything is available online. You have to order, and your required product will reach your doorstep. You know that amazon’s average sales are more than $17 million per hour. Sounds impressive, right?
Now the question is that why are people doing so much shopping online? What are the reasons behind the sales which turn their users to buy?
So, the reason/answer is “Copywriting.”

FACT : Your brain is being controlled, and you don’t even know it.

Primary Points

You might have read a lot of copywriting books, but the only solution to your copywriting skills is “Ca$hvertising.” The author has elaborated all the pain points of the people, which forces them to buy the product very quickly. Drew has divided the basic instincts of people into eight parts, which let people buy easily.

  1. Enjoyment of life
  2. Freedom from danger, pain, and fear
  3. Sexual companionship
  4. Enjoyment of food
  5. Care and protection
  6. Social appraisal
  7. Be superior
  8. Comfortable living conditions


Secondary Points

If you want to sell anything, these are the points that are essential if you hit them in your copywriting, and you will get excellent results. After that, the author points out eight more points, which he called secondary human thought because people are not born with these desires, but people acquire them over time. And these desires are.

  1. Curiosity
  2. Efficiency
  3. Tidiness
  4. Update Information
  5. Quality
  6. Beauty Expressions
  7. Profits
  8. Bargaining

If you are doing copywriting, make sure you know about the product well, and you have to select the primary and secondary pain points to target the audience’s minds. All products cannot fit all the pain points, so you have to work according to the products and need precisely. And I am quite satisfied with the thoughts drew has shared in his book.

Without forcing, if someone is engaged in your content, then you have done your job.

Play with People Minds

As you have selected the primary and secondary points, Now in the next part, the author has elaborated that how to hit these selected pain points exceptionally well. Drew has mentioned over 17 principles to play with the minds of the people and make them crazy.

  1. The Fear Factor
  2. Ego Factor
  3. Transfer
  4. The Bandwagon Effect
  5. The Means-End Chain
  6. The transtheoretical model
  7. The Inoculation Theory
  8. Belief Reranking
  9. The Elaboration Likelihood Model
  10. Six weapons of influence
  11. Message Organization
  12. Examples vs. Stats
  13. Message Sideness
  14. Repetition and Redundancy
  15. Rhetorical Questions
  16. Evidence
  17. Heuristics

The principles mentioned above are complete topics individually. But I am sharing with you one of the most convincing principles, which is “The Fear Factor.”

In this principle, the author says that you can explain the fear in front of the people to hit the selected pain points and increase your sale huge. Obviously, if you want to sell any of the products, your goal is not to comminate the readers or buyers. The only goal is to show them the real facts and figures from which they are unaware.


Now enlarging the canvas, If you are a website developer, You can do effective copywriting, including the fact that “If you don’t have a website, you are far away from tons of sales.” This is a fact and creates a fear in people that they don’t have any website yet.

Sharing another example, if you are selling disinfectant tissue papers, then you can target the smartphone by saying, “Do you know your smartphone has more germs than your toilet seat?” This is a fact and fear for the readers, which triggers them to sanitize their smartphone by buying your product without any second thought.

Secrets of Ad Agencies

In addition, as the author has worked in many ad agencies for many years, he is a legend in this field. So in this part, he is sharing the precious knowledge of ad-agencies secrets. He has shared beneficial secrets that they used in their ads to sell the products. And he has mentioned over 40 secrets.

  1. The Psychology of Simplicity
  2. Bombard Your Readers with Benefits
  3. Put Your biggest Benefit in Your Headline
  4. Crank up the Scarcity
  5. 22 Psychologically Potent Headline Starters
  6. 12 Ways to Lure Readers Into Your Copy
  7. 360 Degrees of Attention-Getting Power
  8. The Reverse-Type Pitfall
  9. Crush Your Competition With Extreme Specificity
  10. The Famous Ogilvy Layout Principle
  11. The Psychology of Typefaces
  12. Insist on the Pro-Design Difference
  13. The Power of Questions
  14. The “Granny Rule” of Direct Mail
  15. The Psychology of “Social Proof”
  16. The Guillotine Principle
  17. PVAs-The Easy Way to Boost the Power of Your Copy
  18. Directing Mental Movies
  19. Battling Human Inertia
  20. Establish Your Unique Selling Proposition
  21. Buy Your Own Island
  22. Authority Positioning
  23. A Sales Letter in Survey’s Clothing
  24. Power Your Ads With Pictures
  25. Long Copy vs. Short
  26. Offer Testing
  27. Survey Power
  28. Editorial Energizers
  29. The Coupon Persuader
  30. 7 Online Response Boosters
  31. Multi-page Your Way to Success
  32. Guarantees That Guarantee Higher Response
  33. The Psychology of Size
  34. The Psychology of Page and Section Positioning
  35. The Fantastic Four
  36. Consumer Color Preferences and How Color Affects Readership
  37. The Psychology of Pricing
  38. The Psychology of Color
  39. Wrap Your Ads in White
  40. Give Yourself a “Cleverectomy”

You can read these valuable and exciting secrets in-depth to boost your business. Regardless of the business, you are doing, whether it’s an online business like stores, freelancing, etc., or your regular business. Ads play a vital role in grabbing your customers with immediate effect.

I hope you have learned the concepts of copywriting and motivated enough to make huge money by applying Drew’s techniques.

You can Buy the book from Amazon.


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